Friday, April 29, 2011

Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease (CVID)

I was recently diagnosed with a genetic disease called Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease (CVID).

CVID is relatively rare (1/50,000 people are currently estimated to have it--that's 6238 Americans based on the 2010 US Census, or 137,888 based on the 2011 estimated world population of 6,894,400,000) yet there are many people out there who are suffering and don't know that they have this disease.

They spend their time feeling horrible and sick and tired all the time and don't know that there is a treatment. Many patients with this disease go years looking for help and knowing that something is seriously wrong.  I am thankful that my doctor ran a blood test and sent me to a specialist.

I want to help spread awareness of this devastating disease. With proper treatment and early intervention a patient can live a full and nearly normal life. However; if the patient doesn't get diagnosed until later in life, the chances that they will die from infections or lung damage are greatly increased. That is my motivation for creating this blog.